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Recap of Terragon Group’s Webinar: Delivering Compelling Customer Experience in the Next Normal

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Last month Terragon Group hosted a webinar on the topic of: Delivering Compelling Customer Experience in the Next Normal. Here are our takeaways from the keynote speech by Riaan Abdoll.

Why is it necessary to deliver a compelling customer experience in the next normal?

Companies that adapt to the changing needs of customers will recover more rapidly and be better positioned than competitors that do not.

How can your business deliver a compelling customer experience?

  • Delivering a compelling customer experience requires the identification of trends that are transitory and those that are ‘here to stay’

  • For B2C businesses, think holistically about the customer journey, namely;

1. Your value proposition

2. Your target customer profile

3. The end goal for your customer

4. All the various interactions in the purchase of your product

  • In the retail customer journey, receiving has become a major point of focus, with increased personalisation of products and social media ‘unboxing’ of products

  • Understanding how customers are adopting digital solutions is also key to delivering a compelling customer experience

  • For B2B customers it is particularly important to understand which behaviours are here to stay, as COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the B2B customer experience. Namely:

1. Buying decisions and experience are becoming similar in the B2B and B2C space

2. Digital offerings and automation of services are critical

3. There are many ways to segment business customers

4. Focus on the ease of doing business and building trust, rather than on price and inventory

  • Lastly, business owners/leaders must extract the customer need from operational drivers and financial results

How can you sustain a compelling customer experience/customer experience excellence?

  • Elevating customer experience excellence in the new normal, will require a focus on

1. Digital excellence

2. Ability to engage customers safely and without contact

3. Ability to extract customer insights from customer data

  • There are 6 pillars of customer excellence

1. Integrity

2. Resolution (of customer issues)

3. Handling customer expectations

4. Empathy

5. Personalisation (beyond just using the customer’s name on communications)

6. Time and Effort (reducing the use of both in your processes)

What should you focus on as you work toward delivering a compelling customer experience in the next normal?

  • What value you bring to the customer

  • The 'voice of the customer’, which can be captured via post purchase surveys

  • Simplifying the digital buying process

  • Leveraging all available channels for customer communication

If you found this recap useful and want to hear more, you can find the full webinar below:

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